Saturday, February 21, 2015


football players CV profile click to watch

1)      How to get a football club trial offer 

2)      How to get chief scout, Fifa Agent contact and be sponsor.

3)      How to get a football club contact direct.

4)      Where to start your football career from and make it big as a professional.

5)      How to be a coach and get coaching job abroad.

6)      How to be a scout and get a scouting job from club or be on your own.

7)      How to be a Fifa Agent in Nigeria.

8)      5 Things you must know about fake scam Agent who collects money from players and you never see them again and how to avoid them next time(I was a victim 2)

9)      How to build a free website and make $1000 from it.

10)  How to get a job in Dubai, Qatar and company will sponsor your visa and flight ticket.

11)  Countries in America, Europe you can travel to without visa.

12)   15 Non African countries you can travel to without visa.

13)  How to start your own business with 100 list of what you can do.
      14) How to process your visa by your self with little cost, visa is very cheap only flight ticket and hotel is expensive.  

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Monday, January 5, 2015


Abdul play in Belgium (kvmechelen fc ) free agent ready for professional club tryout.

Bassey talented young player ready for any 
professional academy team.

Ishmael play forward ready for club tryout

 Fred   play forward ready for club tryout 

Riliwan talented young player ready for trial
wasiu play attacking midfield ready for 
club trial. 

okafor strong player play center forward very skillful player can dribble 2 to 3 player

 Ojo play in Italy any professional club that needs him to send a chief scout to watch his game or invite him to attend your club trial.

 Wilsyn Center forward ready for club trial 
                               Adetayo in action ready for club trial


Monday, November 10, 2014

JOB OPPORTUNITY   -  Qatar jobs( sales executive, safety officers, accountant, executive secretary)   Dubai jobs(  tile mason, Block masons, helper, Graphics Designer, Hotel waiter and waitress , marketer. 

You're on an Adventure    
Here's the Map
your journey to a full understanding football career has a player is the greatest adventure of all. but you need a map that shows you where you are and where you are going. That map is the football E-Book Manual 14 powerful information that will help you out. you need contact to get the infor, you need help to get the best, you need a manager to get an agent, you need God to save you from the hands of your enemy. get your  football manual now cost N3,000 + free football comic action books that will show you how to be a better player.

Register and be part of players in training camp in Ibadan, camp open end of this  month of November, team players will participate in Denmark tour 2015. 
age 15 to 17 years old 

* UK and PORTUGAL Football Academy. 
* Trial club offer in 

Saturday, November 1, 2014


Happy 5 years celebration in our scouting management 
this year we are going to end with our players traveling out for trial offers also to our latest trials and camp for players. 

* 2015 Denmark Team tournament under15 - 17 years, 
    players camp in ibadan register now.
* 2015 Dubai Team tournament register now.
* Trial club offer.send your infor to

November and December promo  

* Tourist visa to dubai and qatar 
* work permit visa to Dubai and Qatar
    send your interest email to 

 Do you have what it takes to play football academy or clubs abroad then register your self now, all you have to do is send us your football video clip, cv profile and 3 action picture of you, you get a chance to be sponsor if you are very good. and if you have a sponsor we partnership with you. 
UK ( United kingdom) football academy how to join the academy send your profile to

Friday, October 24, 2014


* Register for club trial offer on now till January 2015 transfer window 
* Register for academy offer on now till January 2015.
Team tournament register and join players in camp @ Ibadan, Nigeria 

* Get a Football E-Book Manual 14 power information how to process your trial club and academy contact your self, ASK FOR COST PRICE.

* How to build a free business website online, or you are a football coach that needs a website for your club and academy, are u into business and u need a free website ( get the E-Book manual that teaches you how to build and create. ASK FOR THE COST PRICE.

* Job opportunity in Dubai and Qatar how to get a job, you will pay only registration fee when the visa is out you will pay for the visa. we have one month visa and 2 years visa also 5 years visa for Qatar. ASK FOR THE COST PRICE.